Erenshor Wiki

Amethi Plazzo is a vendor in Stowaway's Step, living in a building just a bit away from the main square before the Forest area.

Greeting message:

Ah, now you've met the only person not trying to leave this place. Did my time as an adventurer. Did it all, really. Now this quiet life is the life for me. Even sellin' some of my old stuff.



I've done it all. Seen it all. Slayed it all. I don't do the merc stuff anymore, but I do odd jobs. I've even worked the docks.


Only beast I've met and never bested was old Plax. He's a tough old guy. Eats anything in sight... not even just adventurers. Who knows what treasures he might have.

Store inventory
Item name Item type Price
Skill Book: Kick Skill Book 90
Skill Book: Dodge Skill Book 66
Skill Book: Blood Feast Skill Book 66
Priel Knife Knife 4
Skill Book: Shield Bash Skill Book 120
Spell Scroll: Minor Healing Spell Scroll 72
Spell Scroll: Magic Bolt Spell Scroll 60
Basic Pick Primary or Secondary 120
Mold: Copper Sceptre Mold 0
Mold: Copper Sword Mold 0