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Aragath is found heading into Plax's area but hugging left and going down the slope.

Aragath only appears at night time, 11PM to be exact.


I long to return to the Sea but [they] have made it impossible.



Souls of the departed. The [Watchlights]. Their final revenge. Should the night come when all of them are extinguished, my release may be upon me.


Long ago I dispatched a band of Warlocks. In their final breaths they cursed me to remain here, this place that I protected with such dedication. They anchored their souls to this island where they fell - they are the watchlights. There are four.


Stalzo, Revid, Leah, and Posta. Their names echo eternally through my mind. Each has hidden a soul gem on the island. Force the soul gem upon its corresponding watchlight, and the light will be extinguished and its soul captured. If you can bring me their souls, I will be indebted to you beyond measure.


I have reason to believe many of the soul gems are in the island tomb. Guarded by the remains of those necromancers. There is a small sanctuary deep within - a stone throne and pews adorn the room. Behind the throne, the wall is false. It's a disguised door. Open it, and look there for clues.


Yes... their presence is still here. Do not believe their wicked lies if they can spit them before you remove their tongues. Those necromancers are devilish, devious things. Do not speak to them!

[demon] and [imprisoned]

They will claim that I am their captive here. Imprisoned... a demon. Do not believe them. Help me be free of their curse!

After completing the quest Aragath's Imprisonment:

At last! I am free to leave this place - thank you for your help, friend. Please accept this token of my appreciation.

If you prompt him with "four" after completing the quest Aragath's Imprisonment:

I will leave shortly, thank you.

If you use the Empty Soul Gem on Aragath:

W... what have you done to me? You BELIEVED them? They're demons! You've given them my soul! *The soul stone dissolves in his hands and a bright light floats off into the sky*