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Auras are buffs that apply to both the players and their squad mates. There are both class specific auras and auras that can be used by any one. The first class specific aura is given to that class on Stowaway's Step on character creation as part of their starter equipment, level 2 auras are sold by class vendors in Port Azure, level 3 are found from killing enemies.

Class Specific Aura's[]

Name Level Class
Spark of Light I Arcanist
Essence of Flame II Arcanist
Glow of Eternity III Arcanist
Flame of the Redemption IV Arcanist
Sprout I Druid
Bloom II Druid
Wilt III Druid
Scent of the Sea I Duelist
Force of the Sea II Duelist
Freedom of the Sky III Duelist
Dawn's Light I Paladin
Morning Glow II Paladin
Rising Moon III Paladin

Aura's for all classes[]

Amber's Gift
Spirit of the Steed