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In-Game Tutorial Tips[]

Baby Steps![]

Use WASD to move and Spacebar to jump. You can hold SHIFT to sprint.

Hold RIGHT MOUSE to look around.

Be Social![]

Left click on a friendly NPC to target them. And press 'H' when close to greet them. This is how you can interact with every NPC in the game.


Press 'i' to open your inventory. You can 'right click and hold' on an item to learn about it. A quick 'right click' will use a consumeable, like food. You can use the left mouse button on items to move them around.

Sometimes, reading the info about an item will give you a clue on how to proceed.

Investigating a Quest[]

After hailing ('H') some NPCs they'll have dialogue with green text. You can click on these words to progress the conversation (Or you can type them in manually).

You must have the NPC targeted to converse!

Keys and Doors[]

LEFT CLICK on a door to open it. If it requires a key you'll use it automatically as long as the key is in your inventory.


When you use a key for the first time it will be added to your keyring. To view it use /keyring

Turning in Quest Items[]

Some quests require you to hand an item to an NPC. To do so, open your inventory (i), LEFT CLICK on an item to pick it up, and drag it over the NPC and LEFT CLICK again to hand it to them.

Saying the right things...[]

Some NPCs won't immediately give dialogue clues. You may have to know what to say to them in order to progress quests. For example saying [treasure] to a certain NPC may trigger quest progress or a reward.


Make sure you've equipped your weapon in your inventory. LEFT CLICK the enemy to target them and press 'Q' (Auto Attack) to begin attacking. You can RIGHT CLICK or press 'C' with an NPC targeted to get a hint about how well you might fare in combat against it and whether it might attack you on sight.

Spells and Skills[]

If there are spell books or skill books in your inventory, RIGHT CLICK on them to consume them and learn their abilities. Then open up your SPELL BOOK and SKILL BOOK with 'B' to make hotkeys for abilities that you want to use.


The Bandit Cave is a great place to test your mettle. It might be a good idea to find a friend around the island to come with you. Type /players to see who's around. Use /whisper PLAYERNAME Let's group! to invite them. Or you can /shout LFG! to see who shows up!

Use the INVITE button above the dialog box to invite a friend to join once they're here.

How to loot![]

When you win a battle, make sure you RIGHT CLICK on the fallen enemy to take his loot!


They'll buy your treasures and sell you some of their own. RIGHT CLICK on the shopkeeper while standing near them to see their wares. To buy an item simply LEFT CLICK what you want and then LEFT CLICK the Buy button, to sell simply LEFT CLICK what you want to sell from your inventory and LEFT CLICK the Sell button.


This is a Forge! You can LEFT CLICK on it to open it, and craft new items. Forges require a FUEL SOURCE (which can be mined), and a MOLD (which can be found or purchased)

Your MOLD will tell you what components are necessary to make a new item if you hold RIGHT CLICK on it to view it's info.

Splitting Stacks[]

To break a stack of items into a singular one just press Left CTRL+Left-Click on the items. To break a stack of items into 10, Left SHIFT+Left-Click on the items.


Recommended to invite a SimPlayer to join you! (e.g /whisper [SimPlayerName] lets group for this dungeon!)

Adventure Awaits![]

Congratulations you've made it to the end of the Beginner Tips, well done on sitting through it all. The island and it's mysteries are yours to explore! Talk to everyone and see what you can learn. Press 'J' to open your quest journal and see what you should be doing.

Consider NPCs![]

Just because it looks scary, doesn't mean you can't talk to it... don't attack everything on sight until you know what it's intentions are with you. The consider function (C) Can give a general idea of not only an enemies strength level but also their intention. Example: "_ Looks tense in your presence" vs "_ postures, ready to fight you".


Below is a list of the commands available to you:

/players - Get a list of all players in zone.

/time - Get the current game time.

/r - replies to the last player who messaged you with a whisper.

/dance - boogie down

/all players - Get a list of all players in the game.

/shout - Allows you to shout something to all players in zone.

/whisper [player name] - send a private message to said recipient. Typing /w will instantly fill in "/whisper " so make sure to not press spacebar, otherwise it will whisper a blank name instead of what you write after that. If you want to for example whisper Scrubby you would have to type "/wScrubby".

/keyring - allows you to see the collection of keys you have.

/group - sends a message in group chat. In group chat you can give orders to your teammates

Some of the commands have sub-commands to help you communicate with the SimPlayers. You can write any text you want as long as it includes the following codewords (eg "/group Be careful, these enemies are very tightly packed together." instead of just "/group careful"). Adding more flavour is completely up to your own immersion.


  • careful - lowers the pulling radius of the group
  • stop pulling / hold pulls - commands your group to stop pulling entirely
  • aggressive - reverts pulling to normal
  • pull - commands your group to attack the nearest enemy
  • wait - commands your group to not move until a command is given
  • follow - commands your group to follow you
  • mana - requests sim players current mana count


  • group / join / party - asks the SimPlayer if they would like to group, and if they agree they will make their way towards you.
  • come - tells the SimPlayer to come to you
  • where are - asks the SimPlayer where they are
  • doing - asks the SimPlayer what they are doing


  • LFG - asks SimPlayers in the nearby zone if they want to group
  • hello - greets all SimPlayers in the nearby zone
  • goodnight - tells all nearby SimPlayers goodnight