Erenshor Wiki

Sim players are cool

Fixed Simulated Players[]

These simulated players are considered fixed or unique, they will always be the same class and have the same personality no matter which real user has generated them upon game launch.

Name Class Location Notes
Cyndara Druid Stowaway's Step
Jethro Arcanist Stowaway's Step
Phanty Arcanist Stowaway's Step
Scrubby Paladin Stowaway's Step
Sparkles Paladin Stowaway's Step
Dancer Duelist Stowaway's Step
Baetil Druid Hidden Hills
Behox Paladin Hidden Hills
Blademann Paladin Hidden Hills
Eron Paladin Hidden Hills
Leliril Druid Hidden Hills
Brock Duelist Hidden Hills

Random Generated Simulated players[]

These simulated players are randomly generated down to the class,faction and personality, no two real players games will be the same in regards to these sim players.

Aethaya Blance Drakkal Erick Gordo Lumi Odessa Ronan Sylva Vanya
Amara Caista Draven Evaleigh Harold Lyra Orla Ruluvian Thalia Velus
Aria Cedric Eamon Fabio Iliad Maven Osric Rylan Thane Vesper
Aric Celestia Eiri Finley Kael Mirage Paco Selene Thora Vesta
Arty Cerys Elara Fiora Kira Naida Preiam Seraphina Thordin Viktor
Astra Cyrus Elden Freesia Landon Neiro Quince Seren Tobias Zara
Astrid Dagler Elowen Freya Larson Nerys Ravenna Serenity Torin Zarina
Athena Daie Elysia Fugs Leif Nolan Revian Silas Urchan Zephyra
Axle Darian Ember Furrow Livia Nova Reynold Slane Valkyrie
Bjorn Devlin Eowyn Garret Lubber Nyxe Rhys Solara Vallen

Grouping mechanics[]

It is currently known that partying with simulated players adjusts experience and enemy respawns. This works out that playing with simulated players over all grants more experience and more loot per hour.

Expeirence Gain[]

The calculations are somewhat rough but are fairly accurate:

  • Solo: You get 100% of the experience.
  • 2-Player team: You get 70% of the experience.
  • 3-Player team: You get 50% of the experience.
  • 4-Player team: You get 40% of the experience

Reduced Respawn Rates[]

  • Full respawn time on enemies when solo.
  • -33% respawn time on enemies when partied with 1 other sim player.
  • -60% respawn time on enemies when partied with 2 other sim players.
  • Unknown respawn time on enemies when partied with 3 other sim players.


Spells and Skills[]

Sim Players will immediately learn new skills and spells when they hit the required level for them.

They currently do not learn charms or pets, but perhaps in the future they will. It's likely.