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Treven Pines is a vendor on Stowaway's Step, living just down the road of Wickliff by the Bandit Cave.

Greeting message:

Oi, welcome to the island traveller. If you need supplies, I have them. If you're passin' through, well, you may be here a while still. Remember that I'm here and do yourself a favor and avoid the [ritual]. Looks like they started it up again.


[ritual], [smoke] and [dark]

There's no tellin' what it's for. We stopped askin' and they do their thing and leave us alone. Just bugs me... we don't know where they even come from. Must be some hidden place on the island.

Store inventory
Item name Item type Price
Cloth Shirt Armor 4
Rusty Shortsword Sword 12
Rusty Greatsword Sword 66
Old Buckler Shield 32
Bread Food 2
Water Drink 1
Spell Scroll: Brax's Touch Spell Scroll 60
Tattered Leather Tunic Armor 6
Fishing Pole Fishing Pole 6
Cloth Pants Armor 4
Tattered Leather Leggings Armor 6