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Wally Waldorf is an NPC who is located on Stowaway's Step.

He is the quest giver for Wally's Moongill.

Greeting message:

Woe is me! I must have a [Moongill]! I crave a [Moongill]! But the shop has none for sale and I don't know how to fish!



I need someone who knows how to fish to catch me one! There's an old dusty 'how-to' book for sale in there, but who has time for that? To make it worse, they only come out at night! I'll give you a fancy reward if you catch me one...


You stop with that nonsense, there's a book inside if you want to learn, but I don't!

Giving him [A Moongill] for the quest Wally's Moongill:

Oh My Heavens! Vitheo's blessings! Fernalla's Blessings! Here, take this - I have no need for it!

Giving him another [Moongill] after completing the quest Wally's Moongill:

I already have all I can eat!